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21 mai 2008


J’aurais pu écrire presque la même chose (en français, évidemment…) :


One of the reasons I took this job is that I love that time looking out the window waiting to arrive somewhere. It’s that rare in between time time reserved for anticipation and reflection. It’s liberating because there is nothing you can do but let go, go with the motion and watch time and places pass you by. You’re moving forward, somehow managed to get out of the monotony of where you were to go do something different… Often, for me at least, a big trip comes pretty soon after burn out, so there is usually a lesson that you are about to learn once you get a little bit of distance. There’s something reassuring about passing so many cities, houses and people. Makes you realise how small you and your problems really are. And that at the end of the day, none of it really matters.


(Rebecca, Skype Nomad)



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  • Répondre Corinne 21 mai 2008 - 20 h 02 min

    Très juste…

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